Projects and contributions




 The activities of the Association include a broad range of initiatives aiming at social inclusion and accessibility to all communication and information media for language and/or sensorially challenged people. The Association focuses especially on:

 live subtitling, mainly by means of respeaking, of any real-time event (radio and TV programmes, streaming videos, conferences, seminars, university lectures, meetings, etc.);

 pre-recorded subtitling of any video;

 experimenting with new ideas thanks to projects which are worked out, financed and carried out at local, national and international level; 

 organizing conferences, congresses, seminars and public events to raise awareness in relation to the issues of integration and accessibility of the deaf and foreigners as well as to spread the use of respeaking and advertise the projects of the Association; 

 training young people in respeaking and editing to carry out the financed projects; 

 founding partnerships with public corporations, companies and other non-profit associations for local, national and international projects of inclusive, cultural and social nature.

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