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 On January 2, in the Molino Excelsior of Valderice, the Matrioskando held a concert which was made accessible to all by means of real-time subtitling, sign language interpreting and balloons to perceive vibrations. The Matrioskando is a group of young and skilful grad students and graduates of the Academy of Music of Trapani who share a passion for traditional Irish and Scottish music. The members of the group are Sara di Bella (voice, bodhraìn, cajòn, pipe chanter), Leandro Grammatico (guitar), Francesco Ciulla (banjo), Maria Trombino (viola) and Giovanna Piacentino (cello).  

 Seeing the happily astonished face of a deaf child while he holds the vibrating balloon to his ears is priceless. We have no way of knowing what he felt or what emotions were stirred in him by the Irish songs, but we’re glad we could make him experience something beautiful. 

 We know there were a lot of little imperfections and inaccuracies and we apologize once more, but thanks to your advice and constructive criticism we will be able to do even better next time. We are happy with the result we achieved in such a short time and so delighted with the warm attendance that we want to repeat the event in other cities while further improving the show we can offer.

 Without hypocrisy, falseness or compulsory ceremonies we would like to thank once more (and never enough!) all those who made this event possible: first of all the Matrioskando for having enthusiastically seized the chance to do something new and having accepted just a symbolic remuneration; the extraordinary interpreters Beatrice and Antonio who, for the first time in their life, artistically and successfully interpreted Gaelic songs in front of such a wide audience (you were beautiful, guys!); our respeakers Carlo and Francesca, who took care of all the technical aspects and subtitled both the spoken parts in real-time and the pre-recorded songs; and last but not least all those who offered their economic contribution or their services: the association "Trapani welcome", the BCC of Paceco "Sen. P. Grammatico", the Studio ACTA of Rovereto, the speech therapy studio Lucchese and the B&B "Casolare nelle saline". 

 It was a really moving experience for all of us: music vibrates in our souls, not in our ears.


Translation by Cristina Tabbia


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