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On February 27, 2013, the project Lectio Subtitulis, aiming at subtitling lectures in real-time, was launched in the department of Psychological Sciences and Techniques of the University of Chieti. With Lectio Subtitulis, onA.I.R. wants to provide distance captioning for university lectures in real-time, via respeaking and live editing, thus giving students the opportunity to attend lectures and take notes, without the anxiety of missing something. The text of the lecture is in fact entirely transcribed in real-time on a screen, on which ten lines of text scroll up, one at a time, as the professor speaks. For this first stage, onA.I.R. chose to be present in the lecture room with Carlo, the respeaker, and Tiziana, the editor, who, under the supervision of the President, have subtitled for three consecutive hours the first of a series of lectures on political philosophy held by Professor Iannucci within Professor Ciafardone's course.

 The tools used were a stenomask, to avoid the overlapping between the teacher's and the respeaker’s voice, and live editing that, thanks also to Professor Iannucci’s willingness to inform the subtitling team in advance about the topic of the lecture, has allowed a flawless subtitling. Feedback from the students, who have welcomed the initiative with curiosity and astonishment at first, with great interest and approval later, confirms the usefulness of this initiative, which we hope will be soon repeated not only in Chieti, but in other Italian universities, too.

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