Polish Respeaking


The first case of respeaking in Poland took place on June 7, 2013. We are the only team in the country investigating and developing this method of subtitling. We've created live subtitles during events at Polish Parliament, Chancellery of the President, Office of the European Parliament in Poland. So far Polish television stations have not showed interest in using respeaking. During the Canonization Mass we have created for the first time subtitles working remotely and from the interpreting in foreign languages.

We use Magic Scribe, speech-to-text software designed specifically for the Polish language by Unikkon Integral. The company provides us with technical support .

The team of the live broadcast of the JPII and JXXIII canonization with Polish subtitles:

Katarzyna Lalik - respeaker
Łukasz Stanisław Dutka - respeaker & project manager
Monika Szczygielska - translation coordinator & project manager
Krzysztof Brzeziński - Italian interpreter
priest Zbigniew Okulus and priest Andrzej Sochal - translation of the liturgy

Unikkon Integral
Marcin Rudnik - technical support


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