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She graduated in Modern Languages for the International Communication and Cooperation in November 2012 with a dissertation on the comparative analysis between Italy and France in the field of real time intralinguistic subtitling for the deaf. She attended a course on respeaking by the professor Carlo Eugeni at the I.S.P. in Giulianova where the focus was on real time subtitling of TV programs. At the 49th Intersteno Congress in Ghent, from the 13th to the 19th of July 2013, she placed third in the Speech Capturing race (second among the Italians), eleventh in the real time Transcription race (third among the Italians) and seventeenth in the experimental Audio Transcription race (fifth among the Italians) always with the respeaking technique. She just finished her job as Italian assistant at an elementary school in Grenoble (France).

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