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On Wednesday, September 12, the International Association on Respeaking onA.I.R. and the Association TDM 2000 organized a conference to present their initiative “OltreSuoni” in Palazzo Marini, Rome. It is a pilot project for the real-time subtitling of “RadioXCaso”, the web-radio of TDM 2000, which will broadcast cultural, social, sport and political contents on its website with subtitles generated by means of the respeaking technique.

For a period of six months three groups of volunteers – hearing and deaf Italians as well as hearing foreigners – will “listen” to the web-radio. Their level of understanding will be tested in order to assess the effectiveness of the project, which mainly aims at including both foreigners and deaf people into the community they live in. This will allow them not only to passively access radio programs, but also to actively interact with the remaining population on a dedicated forum.

Translation by Cristina Tabbia

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