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From: Libera.Tv senza barriere! Newsletter November 26, 2012



The cooperation between Libera.TV and the International Association on Respeaking brought to life a generalist channel accessible to all thanks to the presence of subtitles. Beyond any barrier for people with hearing or language disadvantages

October 17, 2012 was an important day both for Libera.TV and for the Association onA.I.R.: a very important agreement was signed that day. Libera.TV makes available to onA.I.R. a whole channel to which the videos subtitled by its members can be uploaded. 

For Libera.TV this means a 360 degrees opening which makes it possible to reach also that part of the population that used to be excluded from web TV communication due to hearing or language problems. 

For onA.I.R. it is a huge opportunity to reach part of its statutory goals and to open other channels for adults and children next to the generalist one. onA.I.R. will not only subtitle videos already published by Libera.TV, but it will also subtitle and upload other videos, carefully chosen by the project manager, Alicia Sabbatella.

Just a few weeks after starting the cooperation, onA.I.R. already boasts two channels: one ( contains mainly subtitled videos which had already been published by Libera.TV, the other one ( revolves around the conference of presentation of the Association and contains the various speeches regarding the world of onA.I.R. and much more. 

We are thus glad to announce this cooperation, which represents an essential step forward for real information without barriers.

To learn more about this, watch the interview Jacopo Venier, Director of, conducted with the President of onA.I.R., Francesca Marchionne.

For more information and to cooperate with us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Translation by Cristina Tabbia

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