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CAGLIARI. The project “OltreSuoni”, which was presented yesterday morning in the Town Council Chamber by the Association TDM 2000 and by the International Association on Respeaking onA.I.R., can greatly improve the access to information for the large population of Sardinian and Italian deaf people. “OltreSuoni” foresees the production and broadcasting of radio programs for the deaf and for people with a limited Italian knowledge, i.e. immigrants, by means of respeaking, an immediate subtitling technique. This experimental project foresees the respeaking of the contents of the web-radio of the Association TDM 2000, RadioXCaso, and will be sponsored by the provincial section of Cagliari of the National Deaf Association. The trial will last approximately six months and will involve 20 persons, both with normal hearing and suffering from hearing impairments. In conclusion, Luca Frongia, President of TDM 2000, has summarized the reasons behind this project, which shall serve as an actual tool of social inclusion.(p.l.c.)

April 21, 2012

Translation by Cristina Tabbia

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