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On Wednesday, 12 September 2012, the no-profit international organization on respeaking onA.I.R. organized a press conference in Palazzo Marini, one of the buildings of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. onA.I.R.’s main aim is to promote social, educational, cultural, and recreational activities by means of subtitling for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people through respeaking. For more info, please visit their website at Many people attended the conference. Among them representatives of the political, associational, professional, technological, and academic world. MP Marco Beltrandi, who contributed to organizing the conference, and MEP Mario Mauro were scheduled to participate at the conference because of their great interest in disability questions and on subtitling for the Deaf and the Hard-of-Hearing in particular. They could not attend because of their parliamentary activities in Rome and in Strasbourg, respectively. In their addresses both politicians underlined the importance of onA.I.R. objectives in social and in evolutional terms and encouraged and supported all onA.I.R.’s initiatives. After a brief reminder on what respeaking is (namely a technique by which a professional respeaker listen to an orally produced text and simultaneously dictates a repetition, a summary or a translation of this same text to a speech-to-text software program which transcribes phonemes into graphemes which can be used as TV or conference real-time subtitles or as a rapidly produced text), onA.I.R. President Francesca Marchionne made an overview of the association which is composed of more than 50 members from all over Europe who are interested in respeaking as professionals (subtitlers, reporters, transcribers), developers (software houses, engineers), users (deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people, foreigners, students), and supporters (well-trained young unemployed people, friends, associations, companies). Then, Ms. Tiziana Trapani, unemployed professional TV live editor, took the floor as vice-president of the association and talked about the different projects and ideas onA.I.R. is working on. Ph.D. Carlo Eugeni, teaching subtitling for the deaf and the Hard-of-Hearing at the Universities of Parma and Rome and HR manager at onA.I.R. went into more details about the OltreSuoni Project aimed at developing the best practices for a revolutionary form of communication: subtitling web radios for Deaf, HoH and foreign people through distant respeaking. Mr. Francesco Cellini, a long-experienced court reporter talked about how some people from the reporting world are starting approaching respeaking, while many other continue fearing that respeaking as a technology will replace them, who are mainly stenotypists. Mr. Giovanni Polidoro, expert in accessibility legislation, talked about legal aspects of TV subtitling for the deaf and the Hard-of-Hearing. Mr. Giacomo Pirelli, onA.I.R. director of communication with associations, presented a report on the accessibility needs Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people have and that respeaking can fulfill, namely subtitling university classes and other daily events. Professor Franca Orletti, by Roma Tre University, talked about her experience as director of a university Master on multimedia writing for TV, Cinema, and the Web and of the importance onA.I.R. has in training master students in prerecorded and live subtitling. Then, onA.I.R. bestowed its honorary presidency to Mr. Giuliano Pirelli for having invented live subtitling through respeaking in the 1990s in the framework of the EC VOICE project he leaded. Mr. Giuliano Pirelli has then talked of the developments of his VOICE project and of the work he is continuing doing within the Association to guarantee that the VOICE project will survive him.

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