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 Our activities are directed to a large group of people who experience a disadvantage in communication due to sensorial or language-related reasons: deaf signers and oralists, immigrants and foreigners in general. According to the Italian Association for Research on Deafness (AIRS), 10 to 15 million people in Italy suffer from some kind of hearing impairment, half of which (7% of the Italian population) cannot perceive voice frequencies correctly. Results from EU studies show that these figures will grow in the whole industrialized world due to the growing diffusion of noise in the work environment, in cities and in private life. According to the Italian National Institute for Statistics (Istat), 8% of the overall population of Italy are represented by immigrants who are permanent residents (approx. 5 millions). This figure is bound to increase as well. Data from the Banca d’Italia show that 44 million foreign tourists spent at least one night in Italy in 2010. Let us not forget students of Erasmus and other exchange programs, European volunteers and non-resident foreigners: approximately another million of people. The understanding of oral language is hampered or even impossible for the majority of these people: some kind of simultaneous or delayed transcription is the most direct, effective and economic solution to achieve their complete integration into the community.

Respeaking TV for the deaf

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